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Mike Russell

Mike Russell

Mike Russell has been a driving force in competitive billiards over the past decade, and has taken many titles. Mike was born in Middlesborough England on June 3, 1969. His is known to many as "the king of billiards," which is a nickname that is well deserved.

Mike Russell Billiards

Mike Russell has won the English billiards world championships seven times in his professional career, making him the winningest player in the post-war era. He turned professional in 1989, and has been ranked the number one player in the world.

Mike Russell

Mike Russell has done all this in the world of competitive billiards while holding down a 'regular' day job. There are even a few guys over at cuesnviews.co.uk who want to do a video showcasing the skills and career of Mike Russell.

Mike Russell Biography

Mike Russell's Records and Accomplishments

Mike Russell has been playing snooker and billiards for a while now. Here are some of his accomplishments.

As he's since been slowing down with professional play, Mike Russell has not been active in the tournament scene.

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Mike Russell

Mike Russell's Headshot:

Mike Russell's Headshot

Mike Russell's Billiard Shot:

Mike Russell's Billiard Shot

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mike russell

mike russell