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Volkswagen Pool Table Unique Billiard Table

This Volkswagen Hippie Bus converted in to a billiard table is without a doubt one of the most unique billiard tables we've ever seen. If you are like us, you probably thought three things as soon as you laid eyes on it. The first is "why?" and the second is "how the heck do you get that thing level?" and the third is "wait...why?"

Volkswagen Pool Table Unique Billiard Table

Some commenters of this Volkswagen van/bus turned billiard table poke fun, saying things like "what's next, a pool hall built in a Hummer truck?" or "do the pocketed pool balls roll out of the tail pipe?" Well, no they don't. That's because this Volkswagen van turned pool table does not run on its own, due to the removal of the steering gear and engine. It operates and is registered as a trailer only.

Here are a few shots of this Volkswagen trailer billiard table in all it's glory.


As you can see, the pool table volkswagen van is outfitted with fully playable burgundy pool table felt and that the rails are crafted from solid wood.


Although it is hard to spot from the images, the Volkswagen pool table was crafted with great attention to detail, and to high standards.


It has operational pockets, yes, but no ball return mechanism. That's fine though, as most high-end pool tables don't.


It also has a great, integrated storage area for billiard balls, cues, the rack, and other supplies. This is conveniently located under its engine flap, and behind the license plate holder.


It is not known where the vehicle was created or who its creator actually was. The current owner of this Volkswagen Billiard Table conversion purchased it from its previous owner for a cool $8200 USD, and now stores it in his shop. The place is a customized one saying "YOUNG1" but really though, how many young hippies do you see in the pool hall?


This gem is registered (as a trailer) to an Ohio, USA address, and had a recent debut at a unique automotive show.


This side of the Volkswagen billiard table, the head of the trailer, is the only awkward area. It juts out so that you have a rail that is about a foot thick, which causes the players to have to lean over the car/pool table to make a proper billiard shot.


Below is a picture of the storage area under the playing surface of the billiard table.


The rail in the front of the pool table has a Volkswagen emblem perfectly inlaid which gives it a cleanly branded look.


This is easily one of the most unique pool table implementations we've ever seen. It's basically an outdoor pool table that you can take anywhere you can take your vehicle.

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Volkswagen Pool Table Unique Billiard Table Comments

  1. By TJ from Seattle on 9/19/2008 4:28:18 PM

    This one off table was built outside of Seattle, it was originally a '65 Micro Bus that was chopped and shortened to make it a "regulation" size table, the VW emblem in the front is mother of pearl and the rails are mahogany, it also has a power inverter so you can plug it into a wall and the head and tail lights will turn on. It was reported to have once been owned by former Seattle Mariner Ken Griffey Jr.. I played several games on it when it was at Dr. Cue's Billiards here in Seattle and helped roll it on the auction block in Vancouver BC in the mid '90's. I'm glad to see it's still around and being enjoyed. On a side note, the dents on the "drivers" side are from when it was removed on it's side through a window from Dr. Cue's.

  2. By Billiards Forum Editor from Halifax on 9/19/2008 4:51:42 PM

    Wow - TJ, thanks for the history! How did it come to be in Dr Cue's? Any why did it have to go in through a window?

  3. By TJ from Seattle on 9/19/2008 5:54:06 PM

    The person that owned it was friends with one of the investor's of Dr. Cue's so he consigned it to them, then there was a falling out so it had to be removed. Dr. Cue's was originally a Discount Tire Store and the table had been brought in before the roll up doors were walled off, when it was time to move it the only way out was through one of the front windows on it's side. And I was corrected, Ken Griffey never owned it but played on it often. It was sold at the BC auction to Peter Thomas, the founder of Cetury 21 in Canada. It was designed and built by an artist in Seattle, Michael Ferrugia.

  4. By Billiards Forum Editor from Halifax on 9/19/2008 6:26:48 PM

    Well thanks a million for the information about the history. Welcome to the site by the way.

  5. By ramond from indonesia on 2/6/2009 8:13:01 PM

    Can you give me the other image of VW POOL table?please

  6. By Mary McMurchy from Norwich ontario canada on 4/14/2009 5:16:05 PM


  7. By Mary McMurchy from Canada on 4/14/2009 5:19:16 PM


  8. By Vin from Syracuse, NY on 9/5/2011 6:15:25 AM

    My buddy Mike made this back in the early 90s. if you want to get a hold of him, email me shamulama@msn.com

  9. By Mike Farruggia from San Francisco on 9/5/2011 8:41:05 AM

    I made this pool table in Boulder, Colorado in 1992 (I think). Mike Farruggia

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 billiard articles volkswagen pool table unique billiard table

 billiard articles volkswagen pool table unique billiard table