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Billiards is our passion here at billiards forum. We're working to be the complete encyclopedia of billiards information for those who take billiards as serious as we do. We wish you all the best in the 2013 billiards season.

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Welcome to billiardsforum.info online billiards and pool resource, blog, and forums. We've got over 3000 pages of billiards tips and articles, and we've just had our 2000th billiards forum post last month! Thanks everyone for the contributions and for helping the billiards forum grow.

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Browse to the right, and find extensive articles pertaining to all aspects of billiards, including billiard rules, billiard tips and tutorials, player profiles, and much more. We also have the largest and most complete list of billiard terms and definitions in our billiards database. When you are reading through the articles on this page, you can search the billiard terms database by using the box near the top right hand side of the page if there is something you don't understand.

We are also proud of our extensive base of resources on designing, building, decorating, and outfitting a home billiard room. With today's low prices on billiard equipment, the billiard enthusiast can afford to create a home billiard room on a smaller budget than in the past. Billiards for everyone! An example of our billiards tutorials is the billiard article preparing mentally for billiards.

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Billiards Forum has forged a new partnership with Que Perfect. We would like to thank Ronnie, the master craftsman over at Que Perfect, for becoming our partner. Que Perfect cues are custom and hand-made, and used by Mr Efren Reyes himself.

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Will billiards ever become an olympic sport? Billiards has struggled to become mainstream for over 100 years. It has had many ups and downs, but billiards is becoming more and more reputible. We'll see how it goes in the next few years.